The Titanic is being brought back from the abyss, more than a century after its ill-fated maiden voyage.
The Titanic was on display at a Chinese "land-based" theme park, where tourists could soon drop aboard the replica ship for one night.
The main investor of the China Titanic project said he was inspired to recreate the world's most famous cruise ship through the 1997 hit film of the same name - once the highest-grossing film. world and extremely popular in China.

The luxury ship, which was the largest ship of its time and branded "unsinkable" by its owners, has become a symbol of arrogance since it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. when hitting an iceberg, killing more than 1,500 people.

Investor Su Shaojun says he was motivated to fund the bold, 260-meter replica to preserve the memories of the Titanic.

"I hope this ship will be here in 100 or 200 years," Su said. "We're building a museum for the Titanic."

The rebuilding of the ship took six years - longer than the construction of the original Titanic itself - plus 23,000 tons of steel, more than a hundred workers and a whopping one billion yuan (153 dollars)., 5 million USD).

Everything from the dining room to the luxurious cabins and even the door handles is in the style of the original Titanic.

The Titanic replica forms the centerpiece of the theme park in Sichuan province, more than 1,000 kilometers from the sea.

The park also built a replica of the Port of Southampton from James Cameron's 1997 disaster epic, which features actor Leonardo DiCaprio's fictional character Jack. Meanwhile, the tour buses here replay the movie's theme tune, "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

Investor Su Shaojun said that visitors who want to spend a night on a "five-star yacht service" ship will have to pay 2,000 yuan (about 150 USD. With an operating steam engine on board, the cruise ship will pay a fee of 2,000 yuan). Guests will feel like they are really on the sea.

He was excited by the challenge and sold his energy assets, including shares in several hydroelectric projects, to invest in the Titanic.

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