The market value of cryptocurrency exceeds 2 trillion U.S. dollars and can be seen by an Apple
According to Coinmarketcap's quotation, the global cryptocurrency market value reached 2.05 trillion U.S. dollars on April 6. The market value of cryptocurrencies is about the same as Apple's 2.15 trillion U.S. dollars, and the market value of Bitcoin accounts for more than half.

According to a quote from Coinmarketcap on the afternoon of April 8th, the global market value of cryptocurrencies reached 1.93 trillion U.S. dollars, while the price of Bitcoin was $57,239.95. JP Morgan Chase estimates that the price of Bitcoin will reach $130,000, while Ark Invest predicts that the market value of Bitcoin will exceed that of gold.

As of midday on April 6, the total market value of cryptocurrencies reached US$2.02 trillion, of which Bitcoin, the main force, rose 1.4%. The price was as high as US$59,025, and the total market value of Bitcoin was US$1.1 trillion. Ethereum rose on the same day. 1.3%, the price is 2103 US dollars, the total market value is about 244 billion US dollars.

The blockchain data analysis company Glassnode released a research report that pointed out that the market value of Bitcoin reaches 1 trillion US dollars, which not only increases the confidence of the outside world in Bitcoin, but also provides a boost for the entire cryptocurrency market.

Analysts said that as long as Bitcoin remains above US$53,000, it will be able to maintain a market value of US$1 trillion.

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