The Shanghai Auto Show has officially opened, but an unexpected scene appeared on the scene: a woman wearing a T-shirt printed with "brake failure" standing at the Tesla exhibition and shouted "Tesla brake failed", which caused onlookers.

Subsequently, this human rights defender was taken away by security personnel. It is worth noting that the recent decline in Tesla's stock price once expanded to 5%, which cannot be said to have nothing to do with the rights protection incident of Tesla female car owners.

In fact, there have been many incidents caused by quality and safety issues in Tesla recently, the most recent one occurred in Texas, USA.

According to reports, on the evening of April 17, an accident occurred in Texas, USA. A Tesla Model S car hit a tree while driving on a highway and caught fire. Two men in the car died.

It is understood that the car was in an unmanned state at the time of the incident. The Model S Texas car accident and today’s Tesla female owners’ rights protection incident have pushed Tesla to the forefront of public opinion.

In response to this rights defense incident, Xinhua News Agency also stood up and spoke. Xinhua News Agency believes that when such incidents occur at the Shanghai Auto Show, relevant parties should follow the law and regulations, investigate the investigation, and handle the handling.

As a "star" brand in the automotive industry, Tesla's self-requirements for quality and commitment to users need to match market expectations, in order to gain the trust and favor of more consumers.

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