Tesla will conduct vehicle research and development from scratch in China: more localized
As the leader of the global new energy vehicle market, Tesla has already harvested users in countless countries and regions, especially after realizing localized production in China, it has achieved extremely dazzling market performance.

However, Tesla is not satisfied with the production and sales links. A long time ago, Tesla revealed more "ambitions" through recruitment information.

According to the latest news released by Tesla's global vice president Tao Lin, Tesla does intend to implement more work in design and R&D in China.

During the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Tao Lin said in an interview with the media that Tesla is ready to start research and development of complete vehicles in China. New products will have many Chinese elements, and some product and functional designs will be carried out based on research on Chinese consumers.

In addition, locally developed products with Chinese elements will be sold all over the world. This means that in the future, users around the world can buy Tesla models with more Chinese characteristics. With the launch of more businesses, Tesla's strategy has become very clear. It regards China as another global center in addition to the United States.

Smartcars noticed that at the beginning of last year, Tesla CEO Musk revealed that the company will open a design and engineering center in China with the purpose of developing a future model for the global market.

In August, Tesla released recruitment information through official WeChat and Weibo platforms, announcing that Tesla's China Design Center had begun to recruit. It is reported that the China Design Center will design a new model with "Chinese inspiration", which will also be locally produced at the Shanghai plant.

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