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Tesla Employee Explains Why Tesla Car Lost Its Brake And Hit The Wall, Saying The Friction On The Ground Is Too Low

Friction on the ground happens to be too low for the tires to grip, Tesla employee explains why Tesla car crashed on the wall in China.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

/ by Ella Rose
The incident happened on April 11, when a Tesla owner in Shanghai, a man surnamed Liu, said that the brakes on the electric car he was driving had lost control during the parking process. The incident caused the car to crash into the wall, almost causing an accident for people standing nearby.

While turning around in the garage, the brakes on the Tesla were out of control, he said. The car was drifting away and he could only let it hit the wall to stop. Fortunately, at that time there was no car and people standing in front of it, otherwise the consequences would be dire.

After the accident, Mr. Liu immediately contacted Tesla's after-sales service.

Tesla employees responded that preliminary investigations showed that friction with the ground was too low causing the ABS brakes to slip. Currently the accident is being further investigated and handled.

According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 10 traffic accidents in China related to Tesla electric cars that occurred due to the loss of the ability of things, since the beginning of 2020. In January 2021 alone, there were 4 accidents.

These accidents are mostly caused by problems such as sudden acceleration, poor braking, or loss of steering. Cases occurred in many different locations, from Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Tianjin, Beijing to Sichuan and others. Consequences recorded from vehicle scratches to injured owners.

The video of Mr. Liu after going viral on social networks has also caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that the floor seems to have oil causing the car to float unnaturally and lose control. Therefore, the error is not with the vehicle.

However, many people believe that even so, the problem is still with the Tesla because it is no coincidence that the basement has many cars but only the Tesla electric car is slippery. Meanwhile, below are some of the comments made by people regarding the accident.

"Yesterday I saw a Tesla hit the wall in the company's garage basement."

"It is not easy to give new reasons every time a problem occurs."

"Maybe I should get my car deposit back from last year."

"Error due to too much gravity on Earth".

"If this is the case, I wouldn't even dare park my car next to Tesla."

"Seems to need roads paved in a way specifically for Tesla cars."

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