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Switch Adds Bluetooth Audio Support Or Will Be Directly Connected To Bluetooth Headsets

Switch to enable Bluetooth audio support or it will be directly connected to Bluetooth headsets

Monday, 19 April 2021

/ by Ella Rose
The Switch currently does not have a Bluetooth headset that is natively supported, you use-party Bluetooth transmitter to connect to the Bluetooth headset. Recently, a Twitter user discovered that the Switch has recently added audio support to the Bluetooth driver.

Recently, it was discovered that Nintendo Switch added support for Bluetooth audio in the 12.0.0 version update on April 5th. OatmealDome found in the switch update log that it added audio support for the Bluetooth driver.

OatmealDome said, “So far, I’m not sure if any products are actually using this technology (Switch directly connected to Bluetooth headsets), and there is no guarantee. Will be used.” But he also hopes that there will be a Bluetooth headset that is natively compatible with the Switch.

However, according to the official update log released by Nintendo, in the latest system update, the official fixes the BUG of the problem with the save data backup function.

After the modification is completed, a transmission error occurs during the save data backup process, and the automatic backup of the saved data will be interrupted.

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