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[RUMOR] Warzone's New Map Appears On The Internet And Can Be Set In The 80s

Recent rumor claims that the new Warzone map appeared on the Internet and can be set in the 80s

Friday, 2 April 2021

/ by Ella Rose
The nostalgia of the 80s may be coming in Call of Duty: Warzone. A TV commercial appeared on the Internet showing a possible new map of Verdansk, with settings from that time. The goal is to align with Black Ops Cold War , which takes place in the same period.

The announcement reveals the transformation of the war zone, as if it were going back in time. According to the images in the video, the map will not undergo major structural changes, at least seen from above. The VGC website states that an event on April 22 will mark the new phase in the battle royale, the start date of the third season.

Some places known to fans have changed, such as the stadium, which will be under construction, at the dam, where there will be a bridge, and at the airport, with an aircraft of the time parked. In addition, Downtown will also receive touch-ups.

Among the new areas, one can notice a subway, an underground mine and a large set of radars. But, of course, the most visible changes are the decorations of the 80s, from vehicles and several other characteristics of Verdansk.

Activision has already taken the commercial down and some Twitter accounts that revealed images from the video have also been blocked. For now, the company has not confirmed whether Warzone will receive a new map, so treat this news as a rumor .

How will the end of the current Verdansk take place in Warzone?

Since February, several rumors about the change in the battle royale war zone have been circulating on the Internet. The VGC website itself mentioned that the event would take place at the end of the 2nd season. Possibly there will be a big explosion in Verdansk and it will reveal the refurbished site.

The destruction may be caused by the Vodianoy, as it "carried an unknown cargo". However, the ship arrived in the battle royale filled with zombies. Some leakers claim that the vessel will explode due to the Nova 6 gas it carries. Fans can only wait for official information from Activision.

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