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Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Leaves Blizzard After 19 Years

Who takes over the board of Overwatch 2 is Aaron Keller, another veteran of the company

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

/ by Ella Rose
The Blizzard announced on the afternoon of Tuesday (20) Jeff Kaplan, a longtime veteran of the company, is stepping down - but did not disclose the reason. The dev was responsible for Overwatch 2 , a sequence now directed by Aaron Keller.

According to the publisher's statement, the then director has been “a key driver in creating the vision for the game”. Meanwhile, Keller is another veteran of the company and a founding member of the Overwatch team. He says that the production of the new game is in compliance and promises more news later this year.
Speaking of Overwatch 2, development continues at a good pace. We have an exceptional vision that we are executing, the reaction of many of you to the updates we shared on BlizzConline has thrilled us, and we have exciting revelations planned for this year and beyond as we move forward to launch.

We will be sharing more frequent updates on the progress of the sequence and new features in the game, which you will see soon.

Former director Jeff Kaplan also left a farewell letter to the fans who followed his work in 19 years of Blizzard:
It was the greatest honor of my life to have the opportunity to create worlds and heroes for such a passionate audience. I want to express my deep appreciation to everyone at Blizzard who supported our games, our teams and our players.

But I want to give a special thanks to the wonderful game developers who shared this road with me. I never accept the world as it seems. I always dare to see what he could be. I hope you do the same.

Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon 2019 and has since had few details revealed. Perhaps most relevantly, the sequel will feature a broad campaign, as well as a complete story.

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