The daily COVID-19 death toll in India has reached a record high as a second surge in infections has forced the government to impose new lockdown measures in large parts of the country.

India's Health Ministry said on Tuesday that at least 1,761 people died in the last day, raising the death toll to more than 180,500, which now makes the country the world's fourth highest death toll.

Many health experts and government officials believe the death toll is much higher than the official count. Several large cities have reported COVID-19-linked burials and cremations that far exceed the official tally.

The new wave of coronavirus infections hit the world's second-largest country after it relaxed lockdown restrictions in February following declines over several consecutive months.

In an effort to prevent the collapse of its overwhelmed health care system, the capital, New Delhi, imposed a weeklong lockdown late Monday.

India's western state of Maharashtra, the country's hardest-hit region, announced Tuesday that grocery stores and vendors can only operate four hours a day.

The northern state of Uttar Pradesh announced a weekend lockdown that begins Friday evening, while the southern state of Telangana imposed a night curfew.

India's resurgence prompted the United States on Tuesday to issue a "do not travel" warning to India. Britain issued a similar advisory on Monday, the same day that Hong Kong announced a ban on all flights from India.

Singapore extended by one week Tuesday a required 14-day quarantine period on arrivals from India.

India's coronavirus resurgence, including more contagious variants detected there, is contributing to spikes globally in countries such as Brazil and France.

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