Today, Bitcoin accelerated its upward breakthrough in intraday trading. As of press time, Bitcoin broke through the 62,000 U.S. dollar mark and reported to 62,523 U.S. dollars per coin, setting a new record high.

It is worth noting that for the past few days, Bitcoin has been trading sideways, and the directionality is not very obvious. During this period, there have been downward breakthroughs and upward breakthroughs.

From the current point of view, no one knows whether the bulls must have the upper hand. However, investors who have leveraged and shorted in the past 24 hours must have suffered heavy losses and insufficient funds to cover their positions. It is very likely that they will be suddenly blown up.

According to data from the Bitcoin Home Network, in the past 24 hours, more than 150,000 investors have been suffered a huge loss and 8.5 million funds have been wiped out. The largest single expulsion order occurred on Bitmex-XBTUSD worth 10 million U.S. dollars.

After Tesla announced an investment of 1.5 billion US dollars to buy Bitcoin, Michael Novogratz, a well-known American hedge fund manager and former chief investment officer of Castle Investments, said that the price of Bitcoin is expected to more than double to 10% by the end of this year. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

Some analysts believe that mainstream investors are becoming more and more interested in Bitcoin, but they should be wary of the high volatility and vulnerability of Bitcoin prices.

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