Tsushima City Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan awarded to the game's production director & creative director with the title of "Lifetime Tourism Ambassador"
The game "War Ghosts of Tsushima" uses Tsushima Island in Japan during the Yuan Kou era as its storytelling stage. Its gorgeous picture quality has made many players shine. Recently, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan announced to the game's production director Nate Fox and creative director. Jason Connell bestowed the title of "Lifetime Tourism Ambassador" to thank the two for their significant contribution to the promotion of the city.

Tsushima Mayor Katsuyoshi Hita said that even many Japanese people do not know the history of the Yuan Kou period, while foreign tourists are even more unfamiliar with Tsushima Island.

The locals expressed their gratitude for the two directors of "War Ghosts on the Horse" who were willing to tell their history with gorgeous game graphics and moving stories. This time, the two have been awarded the title of "Lifetime Tourism Ambassador", which is the first time they have been awarded to someone who will spread the history and reputation of Tsushima Island through their works.

The award ceremony will be held online due to the epidemic, but when the travel ban is relaxed, the mayor intends to invite Nate Fox, Jason Connell and the team to go sightseeing.

Tsushima Mayor Katsuki Hida emphasized that it is not for the two to continue to promote Tsushima, but to express gratitude to them, the Sucker Punch team that developed the game, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. He said that after completing the game, many players hope to learn more about Tsushima and even visit it on the spot. Because of the game, Tsushima Island has become a famous attraction. One of the shrine torii that was destroyed by the typhoon was restored by donations from players.

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