As Taiwan's largest semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC has been working hard to develop production technology, as can be seen from the number of patents they have applied for. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs recently released statistics on the number of patent applications last year, and TSMC has won the championship for five consecutive years.

According to information from the Intellectual Property Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, TSMC has become the company with the largest number of patent applications for the fifth consecutive year with 1,096 new patent applications in 2020, and Qualcomm ranked second with 720 patents. Statistics indicate that there were 72,238 patents filed last year, a year-on-year decrease of 3%.

The Bureau of Intellectual Property pointed out that the reduction in applications is mainly due to the longer application process affected by the epidemic, but also because the epidemic has made business operations difficult and the development budget needs to be used in other areas. Other applications for a large number of patents include Acer, AU Optronics, and Realtek.

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