The US government is auctioning Ford and Chevy sedans, containers of more than 45,000 liters and among them is a strange piece: 0.7501 Bitcoin.
The General Services Agency (GSA) often passes auctions they organize to sell surplus equipment in the states to the public. Accordingly, with the code 4KQSCI21105001 being auctioned within a week, the US government will sell Bitcoin worth about $38,000 at the price of March 8.

Officials did not say where this Bitcoin came from. Although it is far from the 30,000 Bitcoins auctioned by the US Department of Customs (US Marshal Service) in 2014, after seizing the cryptocurrency in a "black market" called Silk Road. However, the GSA auction shows that Bitcoin's popularity is spreading.

On Wall Street too, businesses are enthusiastically embracing the world's most valuable digital currency. Bank of New York Mellon Corp. said it would hold, transfer and issue cryptocurrencies, while Mastercard announced plans to allow cardholders to transact with certain cryptocurrencies in their network.

A Morgan Stanley bull market unit recently announced that it is considering the option of adding Bitcoin to its bets. A source close to revealed, Goldman Sachs plans to open a digital money transaction counter.

The amount of Bitcoins auctioned by the US Customs Department in 2014 is estimated to be worth about $19 million. Venture capitalist Tim Draper was the winner but the final price was not disclosed. The above Bitcoins will be worth $1.5 billion to the price of March 8.

The new auction of GSA is expected to be held from March 15 to 17.

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