More than three years after its release, the much-anticipated Tesla electric truck Semi has finally revealed the news of the upcoming mass production.
The source however, quoted saying that Tes La is building a new electric truck production line in a factory near the Nevada Super Factory, and plans to produce 5 electric trucks a week.

At the same time as the news of mass production, the Tesla electric truck Semi, which has a cost advantage after being put into operation, is also receiving new orders.

According to the latest reports, California logistics company MHX has booked 10 Class 8 Semi electric trucks from Tesla. Class 8 is a heavy-duty truck in the United States .

Based on the report, the batch of electric trucks that MHX has ordered from Tesla will operate on the south coast of the Bay Area, as part of their efforts to electrify the truck fleet in the South Bay Area Air Quality Management Zone.

In addition to pre-ordering 10 Semi electric trucks, MHX will also purchase two Megachargers to charge the electric trucks.

The Semi is an electric truck launched by Tesla in November 2017. There are two versions, an entry-level version and a high-end version. The former has a range of 300 miles (approximately 482 kilometers), and the latter has a range after a full charge. 500 miles (about 804 kilometers), the entry-level version is priced at 150,000 US dollars, and the high-end version is 180,000 US dollars.

Like many electric vehicles previously launched, Tesla’s semi-electric truck also has a founder series of 1,000 vehicles, priced at $200,000, and full payment is required when booking.

Although the selling price of Tesla Semi is not low, it has a huge cost advantage after it is put into operation, and it has won orders from many companies. Companies such as United Parcel Service and Pepsi have already booked it. Pepsi's 100 vehicles have been booked.

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