The CEO of Tesla "Elon Musk" targets China to be their largest market in future and thus, will be benefiting to the country as well
Tesla CEO Musk said, "In the next ten years, China's economic development will be good. It is also committed to achieving a sustainable energy-based future. We produce cars., in the long run, China will become our largest market, we also produce most vehicles, with the largest customer of the place."

Tesla also said, " I want to make an optimistic view. I am very confident that China will have a bright future . China is developing towards becoming the world’s largest economy and will become more prosperous in the future. The annual plan will become an important link in the achievement of this prosperity."

Tesla has recently fallen into a "spy suspicion" in China, and its CEO Musk denied relevant doubts when he participated in a video conference on the 20th. He said, “For commercial companies, the consequences of doing so (for surveillance activities) will be very serious.” If Tesla wants to develop in China, it will not use the car as a “spy”.

Global Trends America understands that the Chinese market is extremely important to Tesla. According to Reuters, China is the world's largest market for electric vehicles. The cars delivered by Tesla in China last year helped the company deliver approximately 500,000 vehicles worldwide, setting a record.

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