Samsung announced that it is cooperating with the card issuer Mastercard to develop a credit card with built-in fingerprint sensor, which can safely complete transactions without touching the card reader. In addition to hygiene, it can reduce the risk of personal data being stolen. The technology can also be authenticated with Mastercard's existing cards. The technology is compatible and can be directly applied.

Users do not need to enter a private password and scan fingerprints on third-party machines, this can reduce the risk of personal data being skimmed off. Moreover, the technology is compatible with Mastercard's current authentication technology, and can be directly applied to existing cards, terminals and POS.

As early as 2017, Mastercard has studied similar development cases. Samsung pointed out that the technology used this time is the new security chipset of System LSI Business, which is different from Mastercard's technology and consists of several key independent chips. Use on any Mastercard chip terminal or POS terminal at the point of sale.

According to Samsung, the new card was first launched in South Korea at the end of this year. Samsung Card is used for transaction processing and Mastercard service for settlement and POS. It is unknown whether it will be extended to other regions.

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