It is rumored that Switch Pro will have exclusive games, unfortunately, the old Switch will not be part of this update
The current Nintendo Switch game console can be said to be one of the most successful game consoles in recent years, but its update frequency is not like our mobile phone.

It has not been a new generation of products for a long time, and the president of Paradise Shuntaro Furukawa was interview recently and thus, he accepted that the Switch has entered the "mid-term" stage of its life cycle. While ensuring that the console can continue to bring fresh fun to players, they will appropriately extend the life of the console.

Earlier, game industry blogger Nate Drake said that Nintendo will launch a Switch Pro model. Recently, the blogger once again broke the news that the new Switch Pro will monopolize some games in the future, and these games are not available on the current Switch console.

NateDrake also revealed that there are not many games that have been selected for exclusive use, especially those from third-party partners. He has not announced the list of exclusive games, but according to him, he does know at least one of them.

Nintendo officials are still acknowledging whether the news is true or not, but Nate Drake has previously broke the news about "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" and "Assassin's Creed: Mutiny" landed on Switch and Nintendo Direct.

Bloomberg also recently reported that Nintendo plans to launch a Switch console equipped with a Samsung OLED screen this year, and the screen size of this model is 7 inches, the resolution is 720P, and the OLED consumes less power and has a great response speed.

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