Last year, SONY and Microsoft game console giants launched PS5 and Xbox Series X game consoles one after another, but another game giant, Nintendo, has yet to launch a new generation of consoles.

According to various sources, the new Nintendo Switch game console is expected to be launched before the end of this year (Christmas).

It is worth noting that the new Nintendo Switch will be equipped with an upgraded processor built by NVIDIA . It is speculated that Tegra X1+ has the same architecture as X1 (4xA57+4xA53+Maxwell GPU), but the process is more advanced than 20nm (NV has not announced, Should be 16 or 12nm), the performance is claimed to be 25% faster than X1.

In addition, the memory capacity will be increased to 6GB RAM , the new Nintendo Switch will also support DLSS deep learning supersampling technology , and can output 4K resolution images in TV Dock mode.

However, supporting DLSS requires additional code, and theoretically only new games can be opened. According to previous news, other changes in the new Switch include a 7-inch Samsung OLED screen with higher brightness, faster response, and more power saving.

In terms of price, analyst Matthew Kanterman predicts that the price will increase by US$50 and may fall at around US$399.

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