Apple has always been strict with the App Store, but a Bitcoin scam app designed to look like a genuine app was not only accepted by the App Store review team, but eventually caused iPhone user Phillipe Christodoulou to lose 17.1 Bitcoin, which was worth more than 600,000 when stolen US dollars.

Christodoulou wanted to check his bitcoin balance in February and searched for "Trezor" in the App Store. This company made his hardware device for storing cryptocurrency. He saw an App with a Trezor padlock logo and a green background, so he downloaded and entered his credentials.

Unfortunately, this app is fake and is designed to look like a genuine app to deceive Bitcoin owners. Christodoulou's total Bitcoin balance was stolen, and he was angry with Apple. He told the Washington Post, "Apple should not escape this charge."

Apple will review all submitted App Store apps to prevent fraudulent apps from being downloaded by iPhone users, but there are also many fraudulent and plagiarized apps like fake Trezor apps that have slipped away, causing significant losses to iPhone users.

Apple said that the fake Trezor app entered the App Store through "bait and switch." It is called Trezor, uses Trezor's logo and colors, and claims to be an "encryption" application that can encrypt iPhone files and store passwords. The developer of this fake app told Apple that it "does not involve any cryptocurrency." After submitting the fake Trezor app, it turned itself into a cryptocurrency wallet, and they couldn't detect it.

Another iPhone user who lost $14,000 of Ethereum and Bitcoin said that an Apple representative told him that Apple is not responsible for the loss of the fake Trezor app.

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