Someone on the Internet recently shared that car owners carry multiple solar panels with them to charge electric vehicles at any time. The car owner even claims that as long as there is sufficient sunlight, it can be charged in as fast as 8-10 hours and can travel 420 kilometers.

The car owner relied on 18 solar panels to charge the car on his way to Tibet for camping. When driving, the car owner will put a number of solar panels on the roof, and the space can be fixed by the car owner after the design of the space, which is convenient for driving and carrying.

When the vehicle is idle, multiple solar panels will be placed on the ground, and the solar panels are connected to the vehicle for charging through wires. In order to facilitate storage, the charging plug of each solar panel can be removed at any time.

Take it out when you need it. The charging current of the 18 solar panels is 64.5A, and the electric vehicle can travel about 400 kilometers when fully charged.

This all-terrain cannon-made charging method allows electric vehicle drivers to ignore the limitations of charging stations and have more choices when traveling and outing, but they must pay attention to whether the weather and sun are sufficient at that time.

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