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In The Hot Test Of The New Generation Of Switch Pro, A Larger Screen, Higher Pixels And Stronger Performance Are Used

Recently, there have been news reports that Nintendo is secretly testing the new Switch Pro, but no one knows the specific launch time of the machine

Saturday, 6 March 2021

/ by Ella Rose
Nintendo’s Switch game console has been launched for a long time, and its performance and operating experience have begun to not satisfy the public and the new generation of games, so it’s time to launch a new generation of products.

There have been news reports recently that Nintendo is secretly testing the new Switch Pro, but the specific launch time is unknown. The new Switch will use Samsung's OLED screen, and the resolution will be increased to 960P or 1080P. The screen is larger and the resolution is improved, which can bring a better handheld gaming experience.

In order to improve the picture while reducing the operating burden of the device, Switch Pro will support NVIDIA's DLSS deep learning supersampling technology, which can increase the number of frames without sacrificing the picture quality too much.

In addition, there is news that Switch Pro can output 4K images through the Dock, which requires DLSS technology. Compared with traditional rendering methods, DLSS technology is logically similar. It uses deep neural networks to extract multi-dimensional features in the rendered scene, and then intelligently combines details to build high-quality pictures, but its performance is better.

The current Tegra X1 processor is only A57+A53 octa-core CPU+Maxwell GPU, without Tensor core, and the performance is not good enough. If Nintendo does not plan to upgrade performance later, then DLSS may rely more on cloud computing.

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