Xie Guanhong, once known as the man behind the giant cell phone giant Foxconn, left the company after being kicked out by its founder Guo Taiming
Xie Guanhong, born in 1962, attended National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Peking University. After being recruited into Foxconn, he contributed to the company and served as the youngest general manager of the Taiwanese business conglomerate.

Rated as a person with outstanding business ability and very hardworking, Xie Guanhong is the one who has followed the damage of cooperation with Apple, "not eating or sleeping" for two consecutive weeks to help Foxconn win orders. Apple iPod, the start of a series of rebellious days of the corporation. And even, he successfully won this order after only 15 minutes of negotiation.

Not only that, but Xie Guanhong also helped Foxconn win all Kindle device orders from Amazon, leading the design and production of iPods, HiFi iPod speakers, Lenovo tablets and a wide range of products. other popular products, at the same time received more than 1,000 patent licenses. Overall, while Xie Guanhong was at Foxconn, his annual revenue for Foxconn was estimated at $10 billion. But even so, Xie Guanhong was still fired by CEO Guo Taiming.

According to unofficial reports, in October 2012, Xie Guanhong was absent from a regular Foxconn meeting. The reason was that he had to go to his daughter's school to handle some of the related things. Guo Taiming was very angry. The CEO immediately called and fired Xie Guanhong, who has greatly contributed to Foxconn, over the phone. Even more remarkable is his absence from the meeting, the second time Xie Guanhong has taken a leave of absence in 10 years since he took office.

What Foxconn has lost without Xie Guanhong, fear that only CEO Guo Taiming knows. As for Xie Guanhong, who left Foxconn, a more comfortable life. He is a well-known man in the industry, highly regarded by leaders of large corporations. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun even wanted to recruit him as his subordinate. But these offers were rejected by Xie Guanhong.

However, Lei Jun did not want to give up this talented staff, so when Xie Guanhong started a headphone business, Xiaomi CEO firmly invested in this company. Without again refusing, Xie Guanhong officially cooperated with Xiaomi and became a headset supplier for the Chinese phone company. Xie Guanhong's workmanship and years of experience have helped to create excellent quality Piston headphones that have won the attention of the masses of consumers in the market.

In addition to producing headphones for Xiaomi, Xie Guanhong also established her own brand of headphones, named 1More with product representative Chau Kiet Luan. Apparently, Xie Guanhong, who makes his own headphones, can also make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Gold will shine anywhere and heroes always have their own place.

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