Fitbit introduces sports bracelet known as Ace 3 and thus, it's for kids above the age of 6
The Fitbit Ace 3 released yesterday is the first sports bracelet product released by Fitbit after Google officially completed the acquisition. It is specially designed for children over 6 years old. Fitbit hopes to encourage children and their families to cultivate healthy living habits together. Ace 3 has 50 meters of water resistance, 8 days of battery life, and exercise and sleep tracking functions.

Like adult sports bracelets, Fitbit Ace 3 provides daily exercise goals for children to challenge, such as 60 minutes of active time per day, 250 steps per hour, and healthy lifestyle habits such as regular sleep.

As long as children reach their goals, they will Prompts are made through the animation on the surface. Parents can also customize goals according to their children's needs and abilities. Children can choose to use their mobile apps to accept challenges with friends and family members and win virtual medals and trophies.

Fitbit Ace 3 uses a PMOLED screen with a replaceable silicone strap. There are more than 20 dynamic surfaces, including cute cats, bunnies, aliens and space ships. The silicone tape is available in blue and black.

Fitbit later A special edition of Minions will also be available for additional purchase. Fitbit Ace 3 is priced at 99.95 US dollars, while the strap is priced at 29.95 US dollars. It will be the first to be sold in the United States in mid-March.


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