Elon Musk is now a learning icon for many, and fans of Tesla CEO can never predict what the 49-year-old tech billionaire will do in the future.

Most recently, Elon Musk unexpectedly announced a video introducing the concept of the new smartphone on the Tesla website. This smart mobile phone, temporarily called Model π (or Model Pi), displays the 21:59 timeline on 1/2/2021 on the recommendation screen, it seems like it's the latest video. from the Tesla boss.

According to the introductory video, Tesla's smartphone can be connected to the Starlink satellite network, connected to a brain-computer interface, the Marscoin mining system, with solar charging. In addition, it can also take high-speed images, built-in electric vehicle control.

This concept phone model has a design quite similar to the iPhone 12. On the front, there is a hole-punch camera, with a shortcut icon for calling and taking pictures at the bottom of the standby screen. The back is light gray, is said to use solar energy, has an ultrasonic fingerprint unlock function under the screen on the front, the back is equipped with a camera with 4 lenses.

The connection functionality of Tesla Model π and the Starlink system of Elon Musk can be seen from the video with the Upload / Download speed reaching twice as high as 210M. In terms of electric vehicle control, this could be an exclusive feature Musk has considered tied to Tesla models.

The brain-computer interface system connection function on Tesla Model π is used to replace some functions lost due to human brain injury, and to transmit information to control mobile phones or other other devices and future memory storage function.

Normally, the shooting function will be the highlight of modern smartphones. The Model π camera is currently equipped with 4 lenses but specific functions are not introduced. However, the video shows the function of capturing the starry sky with one click.

This is a function that is not available to any professional mobile phone camera. Because in order to achieve long exposure shots, one often has to use a professional camera with a tripod, which demonstrates the Model π's powerful shooting functions in low light. In addition, the high-speed photography function is also a significant highlight of this smartphone.

Regarding the specific specifications, the video from Tesla boss did not mention details. However, with the available mining functionality, it's not hard to imagine how powerful the configuration of the Model π is. In fact, everyone knows that mining with PC consumes a huge amount of power and requires a fairly high-end GPU, to be able to turn a smartphone into a virtual money mining station, Elon Musk will surely equip it. Model π configuration "super crisis".

The Model π concept model was designed by Antonio De Rosa, known for its Apple product ideas, in honor of Tesla's Starlink and SpaceX. As soon as the initial concept of this model was released on De Rosa's blog, it quickly attracted the attention of the public, including Elon Musk.

Since the first iPhones came out, the lives of many people, especially tech fanatics, have had a lot of impact. In recent years, smartphones from Apple and many other manufacturers have not changed much in quality. This upcoming smartphone, if it can be released, is expected to bring a revolutionary change to the current smart mobile phones.

As humanity (typically Elon Musk with SpaceX) accelerates into a future of air-travel, air-exhausting vehicles and hopes to have an Apple Car soon, this concept phone raises a question which is very important. Will Tesla enter the smartphone market one day?

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