According to Bloomberg, AirAsia CEO aims to launch flight taxi business by 2022
Flying taxis are probably something from fiction that will gradually turn into reality in the future, when many companies have researched and tested in reality. Recently, Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia Group Bhd said the group is looking to launch a flight taxi business within the next year.

Accordingly, Bloomberg quoted Tony Fernandes, chief executive and co-founder of the company as saying in an online discussion within the framework of the Youth Economic Forum that: "We are working on that. Right now. I think we're about a year and a half away . "

With the airline business affected by the Corona virus epidemic, AirAsia has been expanding into the digital space. The group launched a "super app" in 2020 offering services from travel and shopping to logistics and finance.

"We see it as an opportunity, a unique chance in life to recap the business, to look back on everything," said the CEO. Mr Fernandes said AirAsia is expected to start its own e-hailing services in April 2021.

The flying taxis that the group hopes to begin offering next year will have up to four seats and will be delivered by the quadcopter, which includes one pilot and four passengers.

On Saturday ( March 6) , the company announced that it is partnering with the state agency Malaysia's Center for Global Innovation and Innovation to develop drone delivery services for the zone. urban area.

While AirAsia is looking for further opportunities to expand its services to new areas, Mr. Fernandes is also optimistic that air travel will recover soon with the launch of immunization programs.

The Group currently operates low-cost flights linking 22 countries, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam. The airline has a major fleet of A320 series for short flights and A330 series for AirAsia X for long flights.

"I hope the inter-regional tour starts in the next two to three weeks" in Malaysia, he said. He expected international borders to open in July or August 2021.

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