Recently, the latest interior preview pictures of Mercedes Benz EQS models appeared online. it is positioned as a pure electric flagship touring car.

The biggest highlight is the first MBUX Hyperscreen system, which is expected to exceed 700 kilometers in endurance. According to the news, it is speculated that the Benz EQS model will be exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021 at the earliest.

Judging from the exposed spy photos, the Benz EQS model does not adopt the traditional sedan design. The overall car is lower and the tail is shorter, like a house run. Since the electric motor takes up less space than the fuel engine, the interior space of the car is larger, and its frameless door design has also been improved.

Inside the car, you can see the sci-fi MBUX Hyperscreen system. The biggest feature of this system is the use of a through-type OLED screen design, with three OLED screens linked from the driver to the co-pilot.

In terms of power, according to relevant sources, the Benz EQS model will have a cruising range of more than 700 kilometers. The launch of the Benz EQS model will use a battery pack with a maximum capacity density of 110kWh, which can supply approximately 53kWh of electricity within 26 minutes, and the overall lighting will reach 84%.

It is expected that Benz EQS models will have more than ten different power versions, such as EQS350, 400, 420, etc., for consumers to choose freely.

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