Nearly 2 years ago, the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame officially bombarded every theater around the world and brought in a huge profit of Marvel Studios and Disney. With box office sales reaching $ 2.798 billion, this film has officially surpassed Avatar to become the most popular movie of all time, and continues to maintain this position until today.

However, when the audience is sure that it may take a long time for another name to overtake Endgame, Deadline recently commented that Marvel Studios' masterpiece is likely to be defeated by itself. The "king" they deposed: Avatar.

The reason is that to stimulate the audience to return to the cinema in the "post-COVID" era, China has re-released director James Cameron's blockbuster once, which means that Avatar's box office will be continue to increase in the future.Previously, this movie earned more than 2.79 billion USD, which means it is only about 7.2 million USD less than Endgame.

According to Deadline's statistics, Avatar has earned $3.5 million more as of Friday (March 12). With the current speed, this film can easily level the gap of more than $7 million fragile, and does not rule out the possibility of outstripping its opponents in the near future. Experts say that during the 2 weekends, the audience will flock to theaters, and the chance for Avatar to reclaim his throne becomes clearer than ever.

It is expected that by next week, Avengers: Endgame will officially become the former king, ceding Top1 to the opponent. Although released more than a decade ago, James Cameron's works have always attracted and captured the hearts of many fans around the world. The veteran male director himself also asserted loudly: "If Avatar is released at the same time as Endgame, it will be hotter than the Marvel blockbuster."

Of course, Avengers: Endgame can also compete fairly with the opponent with a similar strategy: Re-release in the future, when many theaters are allowed to operate again. The two biggest markets in the US, New York and Los Angeles, are also planning to open their own theaters, and to stimulate audiences, they will naturally air many of the classics. And Endgame is a name that is hard to ignore, considering the success and halo effect this movie brought about 2 years ago.

Currently, both Avatar and Avengers: Endgame are being aired on Disney +. However, as the box office war for the highest throne in world cinema history is getting hot again, it's no surprise that fans will continue to open their budget for theaters to enjoy the set again. the movies they love on the big screen.

Update: As of 5pm on Saturday (March 13) (local time), Avatar has officially surpassed Avengers: Endgame to return to the position of the highest-grossing film of all time. James Cameron's blockbuster has earned an extra $ 8.9 million since its re-release.

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