AirPods Max are Apple's over-ear headphones that turn on when it detects that the user is wearing it on their ear. Each side of the earcups uses memory foam material to create a cushion that Apple calls a key element in delivering immersive sound. AirPods Max also borrowed the Digital Crown idea from the Apple Watch , allowing users to control volume, call Siri, play / pause music or end calls.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple recently released 3C39 firmware version for the AirPods Max. Although Apple did not mention the changes of this update, but, some believe, it has overcome the battery drain when placing this headset in Smart Case.

When the AirPods Max are placed in the Smart Case, it immediately goes into "low power mode", and after 18 hours it will be "ultra low power mode". But since its December launch, some users have complained that the battery life of the AirPods Max has dropped from 100% to 1%, or even 0% in just one night, even though the device is in Smart Case. The chart below shows the battery consumption on the AirPods Max before and after the update to 3C39. Specifically, before the update, the AirPods Max battery gradually drains every 30 minutes. Meanwhile, after the update, the battery consumption of this over-ear headset every half hour has decreased significantly.

This improvement can come from the big tweak implementation from Apple. Before the update, when placed in the Smart Case, the AirPods Max took 18 hours to activate "ultra-low power mode". However, after installing the firmware update, this mode only takes 30 minutes to work. That means the process of draining a lot of battery will stop 17.5 hours earlier than before. This update also fixes the issue of not being able to connect to devices running iOS 14.5.

The update is automatic and there's no way we can do it manually. When the headset is connected to the charger and close to the iPhone, this will take place.

To see which firmware version of AirPods Max is being installed, go to Settings -> Bluetooth on iPhone. In the list of Bluetooth connected devices, navigate to the AirPods Max and press the i icon on the right. Here, you will see the firmware version that the AirPods Max are running. The latest version is currently 3C39.

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