Wall Street professionals predict that by 2030, the sales of EV and self-driving cars will drive the market value of Apple and Tesla to $3 trillion...
Although the stock prices of Apple and Tesla have fallen since the beginning of this year, as the two most popular companies in the S&P 500 index, the decline in stock prices has not weakened some analysts and investors’ understanding of the future of driverless cars. Enthusiasm for gamblers.

For example, Ark Investment Management of Cathie Wood believes that Tesla has a 50% chance of achieving fully autonomous driving within 5 years. And Citigroup’s Jim Suva (Jim Suva) said that if it starts to develop cars, Apple’s sales will increase by 15% after 2024.

Greg Taylor, Chief Investment Officer of Purpose Investments, said: "Tesla is a perfect example of power stocks. Its true meaning lies in an optimistic future and optimism about everything they do. On the contrary. The thing is, Apple has almost become the new defensive stock, it is one of the companies with the best balance sheet. And it has almost become the new defensive, when people buy into the market, they will buy Apple ."

Wood also predicted that Tesla will reach a jaw-dropping milestone, after she raised her price forecast for the stock to $3,000. After reaching this price, Tesla's market value will be close to $3 trillion . Previously, New Street analyst Pierre Ferragu also predicted that by 2030, the market value of this electric car manufacturer could reach US$2.3 trillion to US$3.3 trillion.

Tesla shares rose 2.3% on Monday to $670, and the market value is approximately $643 billion.

Nicholas Colas, the co-founder of DataTrek Research, said: “A market value of $3 trillion requires both technical commitments and some very tangible evidence that its economic model is profitable and can Achieve deep profitability. Therefore, your market value cannot reach 1 trillion US dollars, let alone 3 trillion US dollars, just by talking. You must achieve this by showing numbers and showing profitability."

And although Apple has a good record of strong profit creation, Tesla is still in the early stages in this regard. Krass added: “Tesla has not proven that it has extraordinary profitability. And its industry is not an industry with extraordinary profitability. I understand why the company has the current market value because they are in A breakthrough has been made in the field of electric vehicles, and the mass market has accepted electric vehicles. If they can do this, they are worthy of the market value. However, if you want to get more benefits from it, you need to continue to prove that this business model is possible To achieve profitability."

In the view of Citigroup and Wedbush, Apple may reach the goal of $3 trillion in market value, and now Apple has become the world's most valuable stock.

Since 2021, Apple's stock price has fallen by about 7%, while Tesla's decline has been about 5%. However, on average, analysts who follow Apple's stock expect that the stock will rebound by about 23% this year, with 32 people rating Apple stock as buying, 10 holding it, and 3 recommending selling. Analysts who follow Tesla stock predict that the stock will fall by 5.3% this year, with 15 recommending buying, 14 recommending holding, and 12 giving it a sell rating. Together, these two stocks account for more than 7% of the S&P 500 Index.

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