Volvo and sound company cooperate to develop anti-motion sickness technology for autonomous driving
Volvo earlier announced a collaboration with sound effects company Pole Position Production to study the use of sound to solve the above-mentioned physical discomforts that may be encountered in self-driving cars.

This Swedish sound effects company specializes in sound effects related matters for movies, games and industry. The Volvo research project has two goals, one is to explore whether sound can alleviate motion sickness, and the second one is to help passengers strengthen their trust in self-driving cars.

Volvo and Pole Position Production have tested two different types of sound effects, which are to remind passengers of what is going to happen, followed by reminding passengers that the vehicle has detected surrounding objects and passers-by.

Volvo believes that the driver-centric audio interface in the past will be transformed into a passenger-centric audio interface. For example, the sound design of a self-driving car can include a simulated acceleration sound effect played for one or two seconds in advance, so that passengers will have the psychology of acceleration preparation.

Volvo has started related research in August last year. On a closed airstrip in Gothenburg, Sweden, participants in the experiment were invited to ride in the back seat of a car driven by a driver, and then walked three times along a designated route, and then recorded motion sickness waves. degree.

Then a week later, in the same way, take a vehicle with a sound warning to get passengers' motion sickness reactions. It turns out that the sound reduces the uncomfortable feeling, and the more laps you drive, the more obvious the effect.

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