DJI FPV traversing machine Twitter exposure [with film for viewing] unboxing film + product photo fully viewing
DJI, a major aerial camera manufacturer, announced that it will hold a launch event for its new product FPV crossing drone on March 2. Regarding this new product, a frequent DJI customer, OstaLV, broke the news on Twitter that it is most likely a racing drone DJI FPV Combo that sells speed. In addition to unpacking videos and photos accidentally exposed, it can be seen that the product has been secretly put on the shelves.

From the photos uploaded by OstaLV on the 22nd, it can be seen that the DJI FPV Combo has been put on the shelves in a store that is suspected of selling DJI, and displayed together with Mini 2, Tello and other products. According to OstaLV, the DJI FPV kit contains FPV drones and flying glasses. In addition to the remote control, it also comes with two sets of three-axis propellers, chargers, batteries, headbands, etc. The price is approximately US$1,299, or approximately HK$10,072.

OsitaLV also quoted a buyer on the same day as saying that the newly purchased DJI FPV goggles V2 will not be available until March 2nd. I believe that DJI FPV drones will be launched on March 2nd. DJI has nearly two-thirds of the aerial camera market share in the United States and Canada. In addition to amateurs, many public utility companies, law enforcement agencies, and real estate are their target customers.


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