Mercedes-AMG C63, with its high-horsepower rear drive, is a playful faith car that riders talk about. 2021 has arrived, and this series of models will also usher in an iteration.

With the current development of electrification of automobiles and increasingly stringent emissions, AMG officially announced that it will adopt hybrid power systems on new generation models. When the news came out, netizens said that they had no soul.

Now, AMG engineers have announced the relevant specifications of the new generation of AMG C class. The new Benz C class will be officially released on February 23, and the AMG version will be released in 2022.

In terms of performance, the new generation of AMG C class continues the rear-drive platform and uses a dedicated four-cylinder engine. The top model will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 2.0T engine + electric motor, with power expected to exceed 500 horsepower and peak torque to exceed 700 N·m.

The model of low-end models may be changed from C43 to C53, using the same 2.0T engine as the A45S, but the power will be slightly improved.

Mercedes previously announced that it has achieved the first mass production of electric turbochargers in 2021, which can effectively eliminate turbo lag. Regarding whether the new C63 will be the first to be equipped, the official has not yet given a response.

Although the new generation of C class has no "soul", the front and rear counterweight ratio of the vehicle is close to 50:50. It has a better sense of operation, less emissions, and is more suitable for daily travel.

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