There has been news that Apple will launch AR glasses this year, and more related patents have been released recently.
There is a patent that Apple Glass has multiple microphones located in different positions, which can capture and process sounds from different directions.

It can detect some sounds that cannot be heard by users, and accurately calculate the sound source. When a specific sound is selected, the source of the sound can be pointed out on the display to guide the user to the relevant location.

The patent however, does not mention the purpose of this function. It is estimated that it can be used to find objects with the Apple Tag Bluetooth tracker, or it may also be used to find people.

Another patent refers to Apple Glass with an automatic cleaning function, which can remove dust, debris, foreign matter and other particles from the lens and glasses frame through vibration, to avoid affecting the screen display, because under high-resolution displays, small particles will also hinder a lot of screen content, and can reduce the corrosion, friction and wear caused by particles, and increase the service life of the product.

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