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iPhone Expansion In India Blocked, China-India Tensions Prevent Technicians From Entering The Country

IPhone expansion in India blocked, China-India tensions prevent technicians from entering the country

Saturday, 20 February 2021

/ by Ella Rose
Most of Apple products are made in China. In recent years, they also hope to reduce their dependence on Chinese production lines and meet the Indian government's requirements for local production of products. However, the recent tension between China and India has made the expansion of Indian production lines variable.

According to the news, the relationship between India and China is becoming more and more tense, resulting in Chinese people often being rejected or taking longer time to approve when applying for Indian visas, and the Indian production line requires Chinese engineers to assist in setting up.

So the inability of Chinese engineers to enter the country prevented the new plant from opening smoothly. In addition to diplomatic issues, health concerns due to Wuhan pneumonia may also be the reason for the delay in visa approval.

Apple has previously reported that it hopes to start producing iPads in India and become another product produced locally in India after the iPhone series. However, under this situation, it may take longer to expand the Indian product line.

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