Australia officially passed a bill requiring Facebook and Google to pay the press: Facebook gave up, accepted to spend at least $ 1 billion
According to CNBC, Australia has officially passed a bill requiring platforms like Facebook or Google to pay local media and newspapers to use, search or share their articles.

The move came right after the government had a tense debate with Facebook and caused the social network to bow and lose. The company finally announced it would accept to spend at least $1 billion on Australian journalism within the next three years to be allowed to use news stories.

"We have invested $600 million since 2018 to support journalism and expect to spend at least $1 billion more in the next three years," Facebook posts on social networks.

The story of paying for news coverage is not uncommon when in January 2021, Facebook reached an agreement with a series of newspapers in the UK to accept to pay for their information.

Similar deals are also being negotiated by Facebook with newspapers and media outlets in the US, Germany and France, said Clegg vice president.

Previously, Facebook has received countless criticism for blocking all information in Australia after the country's government enacted a new law requiring them to pay for used news. Although only blocked for a short time, but Facebook eventually had to sit back at the negotiating table when the Australian government proved extremely tough on this issue.

Similarly, Google has also announced it will spend at least $ 1 billion over the next three years on the news they use. This technology company will build a specialized application for journalism called Google News Showcase, first applied in Brazil and Germany and then gradually deployed globally.

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