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Porsche Has Released Two Electric Bikes: A Full-suspension Carbon Fiber Frame, Inspired By Taycan And Priced At $8,549 And $10,700

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Porsche can be said to be one of the dream cars of many people. In addition to electric cars, Porsche also has not forgotten two-wheeled users, released two electric bicycles, and said that the inspiration comes from Taycan.

Taycan is Porsche’s first electric car. According to the official introduction, both electric bicycles are equipped with a full-suspension carbon fiber frame and use components from famous bicycle parts manufacturers Shimano, Magura and Crankbrothers. There are differences in positioning and usage scenarios.

Among them, Porsche eBike Sport is specially designed for daily riders . It is equipped with a new Shimano EP8 motor that can provide up to 25km/h (about 15mph). It is also equipped with Shimano electronic transmission system and integrated in the handlebar. The Magura high-performance brakes in China are also equipped with Supernova's M99 LED lights, embedded in the handlebars and aerodynamic seatposts.

In addition to the Porsche eBike Sport, there is another Porsche eBike Cross designed for off-road on rugged mountain roads. It is equipped with a new motor developed by Shimano, Magura MT Trail high-performance brakes, and is also equipped with an oversize for deceleration. Heat-resistant brake discs and mechanical Shimano XT 12-times transmission system for quick shifting. The seatpost of the Porsche eBike Cross can be adjusted hydraulically by Crankbrothers. The handlebar also has a Shimano color display, which can display not only the speed, but also the distance and range in real time

As for the price, the Porsche eBike Sport starts at US$10,700 and the Porsche eBike Cross starts at US$8549. There is no news of coming to Malaysia yet.


Canadian Diving Enthusiast Recovered A Six Months Lost iPhone 11 At The Bottom Of Harrison Lake, Battery Remains 96% When Turned On

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Recently, a diving enthusiast Clayton Helkenberg and his wife discovered an iPhone 11 at the bottom of Harrison Lake in Canada. It is worth noting that after this iPhone 11 is salvaged and cleaned, the phone can still be turned on normally, and the owner has been successfully found.

It is reported that Fatemeh Ghodsi, the director of the mobile phone, lives in Vancouver, Canada. She unfortunately fell into the water while riding a round bumper boat when she was playing in the water park in September last year . Before the phone dropped, she also took pictures with her phone, showing the scene of playing with her friends on the water.

Although she sought help from staff after landing, she had to give up because she had fallen into deep water. Helkenberg is a diving enthusiast with many years of experience. He has been diving in the lake very frequently after 2020, with the purpose of cleaning up the trash and debris at the bottom of the lake, and opened a YouTube account in cooperation with his wife to record his diving findings, which shows the process of salvaging his iPhone 11.

After salvaging the iPhone 11, he put the phone in a desiccant filled with silica to dry it and clean up the dirt. As a result, I did not expect that the phone could be successfully turned on, but the handset and speaker of the phone were damaged, but the battery life was still 96% . After pulling out the SIM card of the mobile phone, and using another mobile phone to read the contacts in the SIM card, he successfully found the owner.

It is reported that the iPhone 11 has an IP68 waterproof certification, and the official said that the iPhone 11 can remain water-free for 30 minutes at a depth of 2m . However, this incident clearly far exceeded the official waterproof indicator. However, for the sake of caution, it is not recommended that users try their own iPhone.

This MicroLED TV Foldable Like A Fan, Hidden Under The Floor, Costs $400,000

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This is the C SEED M1, a 165-inch folding MicroLED TV, a "dream" for Netflix enthusiasts and minimalism, because its giant screen can be folded and folded. Place it underneath your floor.

Unlike the flexible-screen OLED TVs offered by companies like LG, the C SEED M1 uses a MicroLED panel instead of a regular OLED, and it doesn't simply roll into the box when not in use.

If you're not sure, MicroLED is one of the future technologies of the display realm, as it combines the best features of today's leading display technologies with self-illuminating RGB pixels. backlight. It also uses inorganic compounds to prevent "burn-in" caused by organic compounds, which are used in conventional OLED panels.

Furthermore, MicroLED displays are also more energy efficient, allowing screens that are thinner but still able to produce original black and white, even comparable to the best TVs available on the market.

However, one major weakness with this technology is that it still cannot produce a large flexible panel, like OLED. In other words, it was very difficult to make a giant 165-inch TV disappear under the floor. But C SEED made this possible, opting to use 5 separate foldable panels, with a design similar to a giant fan.

This is one of the advantages of MicroLED panels, which can be used to assemble into a much larger TV from smaller panels. These clusters are also seamless, so it appears like a giant homogeneous display when spread out. The company also claims that M1 users can use a feature called Adaptive Distance Correction, so that there are no discrepancies in the displayed image between multiple panels. This image optimization is intended to correct any slight differences in edge pixel brightness, or to hide any possible shading from seams between panels.

The C SEED M1 is available in gold, black or titanium finishes. The selling price of the product is quite high, 400,000 USD.

But not yet, this cost does not include the renovation that the owner has to perform to place the television under the floor. Meaning, buyers will have to hire an additional builder to ensure they get a completely seamless viewing experience.

Tesla Turns Into A Nightmare: Capitalization Lost More Than $230 Billion In 4 Weeks, Stocks Plunged Causing A Series Of Companies To 'Collapse', ETFs' Price Crashes

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Tesla shares continued to fall sharply on March 5 and saw a valuation of $ 234 billion in the past four weeks. Tesla fell 13 percent in yesterday's session, then rebounded slightly with a 3.8 percent drop at $ 597.95 - its lowest since Dec. 3. The electric scooter manufacturer's shares have lost 11% of their value just this week, extending the chain of declines for 4 weeks - the longest since May 2019.

The sublimation that helped billionaire Elon Musk's company join the S&P 500 index reversed to the worst decline this year, as other automakers are also investing more heavily in electric vehicles. In recent months, the "giants" in the industry including General Motors, Ford Motor and Volkswagen have made announcements about new electric vehicles and intend to expand in this nascent market.

Tesla's impressively high valuation was also affected by the strong sell-off of many tech stocks this week. Investors flocked to withdraw capital from the sector amid rising Treasury yields, raising concerns that firms trading at high valuations would not meet expectations if borrowing costs. higher.

In this sell-off, Tesla is one of the companies that saw the biggest drop in the Nasdaq 100, as well as the S&P 500. Tesla's current market cap is about $ 574 billion, significantly lower than the 837 billion USD at the end of January.

Meanwhile, electric startups were also sold off like Tesla. The biggest losers include Lordstown Motors Corp., Nio Inc., Workhorse Group Inc., XPeng Inc., and even some SPACs are preparing to merge with electric vehicle makers like Churchill Capital Corp. IV and Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp.

The negative performance of Tesla stock has cost shareholders about $ 300 billion by 2021, but the consequences that the company has suffered from market-wide speculative sentiment is even greater.

Accordingly, the investment funds holding a large amount of Tesla shares suffered heavy losses, most notably the ETF fund of "golden face in the investment village" Cathie Wood - Ark Innovation ETF. At one point yesterday, 1 out of 54 ETFs in the US that managed $1 billion and invested 1% in Tesla lost money.

Although Tesla is "a negative factor", but large funds holding stocks benefiting from the pandemic with a weight equal to Zoom Video Communications are also heavily affected. Nearly all 12 funds that own a significant stake in Zoom were negative yesterday.

The shock that spread across the market from a single stock drop is a testament to how fast things can happen, when investors take risks and flock to a stock that rises sharply.

Mohit Bajaj, director of the ETF division of WallachBeth Capital, said: "Any fund that holds a stock with a large proportion, that stock will be under pressure and vice versa, especially during strong sessions. Buying is weak. We are seeing a number of stocks with 'huge' performance last year facing heavy pressure."

The prices of Invesco Wilderhill Clean Energy, Ark Next Generation Internet, the Ark Innovation and First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund ETFs all dropped more than 6% in the middle of yesterday's session, but then the decline narrowed as markets close the door.

James Pillow, chief executive officer of Moors & Cabot Inc., said: "Strong stocks are great when the 'waves' are out there. But when buying pressure falls sharply because of liquidity, the team is. These often decline faster than during the uptrend, holding such towering valuations is a significant risk with portfolio focus and a risk to confidence in the stock market as a whole. "

According to Arthur Hogan, chief market strategist at National Securities Corp., Tesla is a "perfect example" for betting on a dream. "This is when you weigh and say 'this is going to be your greatest investment' and then see the value of that stock go up. But you have to understand that there is no investment," he said. one-way'."

Justice League Snyder Cut Releases A New Teaser: Superman Dressed In Black To Save Batman

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With less than 2 weeks left, Justice League Snyder Cut will officially air on HBO Max to respond to fans' expectations after the failure of the 2017 release version. With this comeback, Zack Snyder will not use any footage made by director Joss Whedon. Instead, he took advantage of all the pieces he completed before he pulled out of Justice League four years ago, making a comeback and filming new scenes to complete the piece according to his vision.

As if to fuel the upcoming launch event, Snyder recently released a teaser focusing on Batman (Ben Affleck), who was seen as central to gathering the first members of the League. Justice. However, the details that caught the audience's attention were the voices of many other characters in this short teaser, including Darkseid (Ray Porter), Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix) and Joker (Jared Leto). These are all characters who never appeared in the premiere of Joss Whedon.

Since it was confirmed that Justice League will return in May 2020, Zack Snyder has brought a lot of surprises in this movie for fans. First, the two biggest trailers do not contain any old details at all, making his project look like a completely new movie. Second, the male director has changed the biggest villain to Darkseid, and Steppenwolf will play the role of his subordinate, not "holding" the evil side as the 2017 release. Besides, Snyder attended intend to reveal the truth of General Swanwick, is Martian Manhunter. This is a detail that he intended to include in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but was unable to do so.

However, the biggest surprise that Snyder brought this time was the return of the Joker played by Jared Leto. According to the most recent trailer , the clown will have a conversation with Batman, marking the first time that the pair of DC's arch rivals have met directly in the DCEU. This trailer also shows that the Joker will only appear in Bruce Wayne's Knightmare scenario, where Justice League fails to stop Darkseid's conspiracy. However, with the latest teaser and the line " If you want Batman, this might help ", it seems that the Joker still has another mysterious role that Snyder has not revealed.

Another noteworthy detail is the image of Superman (Henry Cavill) wearing a familiar superman outfit but with a fancy black color ( you can find out more in this article ). Ignoring the misunderstanding and hatred in Dawn of Justice, he decides to save Bruce Wayne who is clinging to the wall, shaking hands with other superheroes to protect Earth from invaders from space. This probably also marks the birth of Justice League with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller).

It is known that this drama will have a duration of 4 hours and is divided into 6 small episodes (instead of 4 episodes as previously reported), starting to air exclusively on HBO Max on March 18. However, since the platform is only available in the US, Zack Snyder has promised to release another copy for audiences in other countries in the near future.

In The Hot Test Of The New Generation Of Switch Pro, A Larger Screen, Higher Pixels And Stronger Performance Are Used

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Nintendo’s Switch game console has been launched for a long time, and its performance and operating experience have begun to not satisfy the public and the new generation of games, so it’s time to launch a new generation of products.

There have been news reports recently that Nintendo is secretly testing the new Switch Pro, but the specific launch time is unknown. The new Switch will use Samsung's OLED screen, and the resolution will be increased to 960P or 1080P. The screen is larger and the resolution is improved, which can bring a better handheld gaming experience.

In order to improve the picture while reducing the operating burden of the device, Switch Pro will support NVIDIA's DLSS deep learning supersampling technology, which can increase the number of frames without sacrificing the picture quality too much.

In addition, there is news that Switch Pro can output 4K images through the Dock, which requires DLSS technology. Compared with traditional rendering methods, DLSS technology is logically similar. It uses deep neural networks to extract multi-dimensional features in the rendered scene, and then intelligently combines details to build high-quality pictures, but its performance is better.

The current Tegra X1 processor is only A57+A53 octa-core CPU+Maxwell GPU, without Tensor core, and the performance is not good enough. If Nintendo does not plan to upgrade performance later, then DLSS may rely more on cloud computing.

Benz's New-generation MBUX Hyperscreen; EQS Pre-loaded, Three Screens Play A Luxurious Sense Of Technology

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The biggest highlight is the first MBUX Hyperscreen system, which is expected to exceed 700 kilometers in endurance. According to the news, it is speculated that the Benz EQS model will be exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021 at the earliest.

Judging from the exposed spy photos, the Benz EQS model does not adopt the traditional sedan design. The overall car is lower and the tail is shorter, like a house run. Since the electric motor takes up less space than the fuel engine, the interior space of the car is larger, and its frameless door design has also been improved.

Inside the car, you can see the sci-fi MBUX Hyperscreen system. The biggest feature of this system is the use of a through-type OLED screen design, with three OLED screens linked from the driver to the co-pilot.

In terms of power, according to relevant sources, the Benz EQS model will have a cruising range of more than 700 kilometers. The launch of the Benz EQS model will use a battery pack with a maximum capacity density of 110kWh, which can supply approximately 53kWh of electricity within 26 minutes, and the overall lighting will reach 84%.

It is expected that Benz EQS models will have more than ten different power versions, such as EQS350, 400, 420, etc., for consumers to choose freely.
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